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Welcome Air-Tech Ltd. is a trading company supplying high quality and advanced environmental control system that eventually be employed in different commercial, industrial buildings and infrastructure projects. We successfully supply wide range and high quality air conditioning equipment from all over the world and efficiently control the internal environments. As a result, productivity, comfort and quality of living of people can be improved simultaneously. We provide at all times the highest quality products and after-sale services to our customers in sales, installation, operation and maintenance support and to accept total responsibility for their performance so as to obtain the highest level of customer satisfaction and fulfill the market needs.

Welcome Air-Tech Ltd. established joint venture with COSTRUZIONI AERAULICHE SAIVER SRL to manufacture SAIVER AHU in China as well as Malaysia. As a result, EUROVENT-certified AHU could be delivered in a shorter time.

“Service is Our Business” is the company philosophy. Through our experienced and professional engineers, Welcome Air-Tech Ltd. is committed in helping our existing and future customers to improve their standards of living and achieve environmental comfort.