"SAIVER" - AHU/FCU/Mini AHU "WELAIRE" - HEPA Filter Unit/Ventilating Fan/Air Filtration Product "GEOCLIMA" - Oil Free Chiller
"PANASONIC" - FSV/FSMulti "COMEFRI" - Centrifugal Fan "SPC" - Heat Pipe
"FCR" - Air Filtration Product "DUALSUN" Hybrid Solar Panel "TATSUTA" - Water Leakage Detector
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1. Profile
Handling air to SAIVER®, is as natural as breathing.
SAIVER® has been manufacturing high quality Air Handling Units for almost half of a century. The Series A1 Air Handling System is the culmination of experience over the years together with continuing improvement through Research and Development.
SAIVER® Air Handling Units incorporate the 'finely tuned, value engineered cost effective design aided by computer coupled with human ingenuity.

SAIVER® team comprises of highly experienced Engineers and Technicians totally committed to produce one of the finest Double Skinned Air Handling Units range in the World to meet the requirements of most demanding Cost and Quality conscious customer.

SAIVER® has kept pace with the time and has always been ahead of its competitors. With automized production (directly from selection program), SAIVER® manufactures CUSTOM-MADE units economically, efficiently and quality assuringly. SAIVER® units incorporate the finest corrosion resistant materials, such as Stainless Steel, Marine Aluminium Alloy and Copper to ensure long years of trouble free operation in the most adverse conditions.

2. The Frame
SAIVER® unique frame design has inherent strength stability. The modular framework utilises a corrosion resistant, extruded marine, aluminium alloy, patented twin box section with True Thermal Break Construction. The entire module is subsequently mounted on a heavy sectional aluminium alloy or galvanized steel channel base.
Infill Panels
Standard 60mm & 88mm thick infill panels are of double skinned construction from pressure injected polyurethane foam insulation with 'K' value of 0.02Watts/m°C and density 40kg/m3, sandwiched between galvaized steel with optional preplasticised or pre-painted finish, PRE- ALUMAN and stainless steel sheet is also available.
Filter, Coils, Air Washers and Fan Sections requiring regular maintenance and inspection, have hinged or fully removable access panels. These are fitted to the frame with easy release, half-turn nylon handles and cam locks.

Handles can be operated internally for additional safe Hinges are of heavy duty, load-bearing design with stainless steel pivot. Other panels can be detached, if necessary for access by removing screws with simple hand tools.
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