"SAIVER" - AHU/FCU/Mini AHU "WELAIRE" - HEPA Filter Unit/Ventilating Fan/Air Filtration Product "GEOCLIMA" - Oil Free Chiller
"PANASONIC" - FSV/FSMulti "COMEFRI" - Centrifugal Fan "SPC" - Heat Pipe
"FCR" - Air Filtration Product "DUALSUN" Hybrid Solar Panel "TATSUTA" - Water Leakage Detector
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Quickly Converts any General Ward into a Negative Pressure Isolation Room
The Mobile Modular HFU Air Purification System can be used to convert General Ward into a negative pressure isolation room. The HFU is equipped with an H13 or above HEPA filter tested and certified to capture at least 99.97% of microscopic particles 0.3 microns in size.
High-performance EC fan produce peak rated airflow up to 900 L/s, and can typically maintain 12 or more air changes per hour (ACH) in areas as large as 100m2 area. The upright, slender-profile design with easy-rolling, wheels facilitate the use of the HFU-3 in tight spaces.
When not in use for negative pressure isolation room, the versatile HFU can function as a recirculating HEPA air cleaner, reducing airborne pathogen counts in high-risk areas such as ER waiting rooms and treatment areas. Air is pulled through two filter stages:
• 50mm pre-filter with G4 standard
• Pharmaceutical-grade HEPA H13/14 filter with silicone seal and extruded aluminum frame
Narrow, upright design with 6 smooth-rolling wheels with foot brakes make it easy to deploy.
HEPA Grade Fitration
Having standard sized fully extruded AI filter frame to hold H13 or above HEPA filter graded
Filtration Efficiency >99.97% at 0.3 micron particle size.
Zero-Bypass HEPA Filter Frame
Assurance that contaminated air could not bypass the HEPA filter.
Double-Skin Cabinet
Extrude aluminum profile, EUROVENT certified mechanical performance.
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