"SAIVER" - AHU/FCU/Mini AHU "WELAIRE" - Ventilating Fan/Air Filtration Product "GEOCLIMA" - Oil Free Chiller
"PANASONIC" - FSV/FSMulti "COMEFRI" - Centrifugal Fan "SPC" - Heat Pipe
"FCR" - Air Filtration Product "DUALSUN" Hybrid Solar Panel "TATSUTA" - Water Leakage Detector
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UV Sterilizing Light
An UV system intends to "capture and kill" airborne pathogens, improve IAQ and worker safety. The germicidal UV lamps in our SAIVER® air handler disinfect the air by irradiation and provide full coverage of the target surfaces. Installation sites include coils, drain pans, filters, exhaust systems, or anywhere mold, bacteria and pathogens can breed.
Desiccant Package
SAIVER® is working closely with desiccant wheel manufacturers in order to provide All-in-one dehumidification control system (able to reach below 10% relative humidity). Desiccant dehumidification ensures a hygienic and healthy environment by preventing the formation of moulds and fungi inside airstream.

Heat Pipes
Besides the heat recovery application, heat pipes are now widely used in dehumidification. Heat pipes can increase an air handler moisture removal capability by 50% to 100%. The heat pipes not only reduced the chiller load by free pre-cooling but also provide free re-heating to lower the relative humidity of supply air. As most of today's primary indoor air quality concerns are humidity related, the health benefits of heat pipes are noticeable. Run-around-coil is also a alternative system to improve dehumidification load on HVAC application.
5. Services
Computer Selection Program
SAIVER® use their own developed software program to make optimum equipment selection and submit quotation together with full technical information and drawings. Any variables such as local climatic conditions, unusual psychometric and physical parameters, are taken into account automatically. Clients are presented with computer generated, certified drawings for approval prior to equipment manufacturing.

Testing and Inspection
SAIVER®'s reputation for consistent high standard is rigorously maintained by a strict quality control program (IS09001 Quality System Certified ).
Continuous monitoring is carried out at all the manufacturing stages. Besides, on request, we can also do the variable speed dynamic fan test, sampling digital pressure test, sound performance test and coil performance test. A full range of test instrumentation to check every aspect of performance offer further guarantees of reliability.

Selection Charts
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Selection Charts
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